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New Book Range

New Books Law
Constitutional Law
Church, Europe and
International Law
New Books History & Politics
History of Political
Ideas and History
of State Authority
New Books History & Society
Social, Economic and Cultural History
New Books Law
Civil Law, Civil Procedure, Private International Law and Commercial Law
New Books History
Antiquity, Middle Ages
Pre- and Early History
New Books Politics & Society
Political Science
and Media
New Books Law
Crime, Punishment and Criminal Procedure
New Books History
Early Modern Times
Absolutism and
New Books Economics & Society
and Business
New Books Law
History and
Philosophy of Law
Comparative Law
New Books History
Revolution and
Restoration, Dictator-
ship, World Wars
Democracy and
Contemporary History
New Books Mind and Society
Theory of Science
Religion and Theology
New Books Law
Administrative Law
Finance, Environment
Copyright, Labour and
Social Law
New Books History
German Regional
History and
Country Histories
New Books Reprints
Facsimiles and
Bibliophilia and

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The thematic range of my antiquarian bookshop includes history and regional studies from antiquity to contemporary history, the diversity of jurisprudence and history of law, political science and the history of political ideas, economics, sociology, social philosophy and history of science.